Savage Affiliates vs Wealthy Affiliate: The Ultimate Guide


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What is Savage Affiliates?


To summarize it shortly, Savage Affiliates was created by Franklin Hatchett who is well-known for his successful affiliate marketing and YouTube career

It is an online marketing course that teaches you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and making money online.

This course includes:

10 different modules that teach you the basics of making money online such as:


The pricing of the Savage Affiliates course ranges from $197 for the standard plan and it contains many features such as:

  • Over The Shoulder Affiliate Training.
  • Full Niche Research Training Using Frank’s Methods.
  • Website Setup & Training.
  • Email Marketing Setup & Training.
  • Funnel Setup & Training.
  • ClickBank Training & BONUS Funnels.
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training.
  • Google SEO Traffic Mastery Training.
  • Paid Traffic Academy To Explode Predictable Growth.
  • Free Traffic Academy To Explode Organic growth.
  • Private Inner Circle With Me & Other Members
  • Weekly Videos Including Q&A Sessions
  • Instant Access & Lifetime Updates

For the Super Pack Plan, it cost $297 and comes with:

  • Over The Shoulder Affiliate Training.
  • Full Niche Research Training Using Frank’s Methods.
  • Website Setup & Training.
  • Email Marketing Setup & Training.
  • Funnel Setup & Training.
  • ClickBank Training & BONUS Funnels.
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training.
  • Google SEO Traffic Mastery Training.
  • Paid Traffic Academy To Explode Predictable Growth.
  • Free Traffic Academy To Explode Organic growth.
  • Private Inner Circle With Me & Other Members.
  • Weekly Videos Including Q&A Sessions
  • Instant Access & Lifetime Updates


  • Full Step By Step ClickFunnels Affiliate Academy!
  • Secret Done For You Affiliate Marketing Funnel!
  • Multiple ClickFunnels Pre Made Funnels!
  • Launch Jacking Affiliate Method Blueprint
  • Web Hosting Affiliate Method Blueprint

If you are looking to really level up your online business, the Super Pack Plan is definitely the best value.

10 Modules Inside The Course

1: Affiliate Products to Promote: find your niche and determine what your business is going to be
2: Build your Website Asset: learn how to grow your website and build all your necessary website pages
3: Email Marketing & Sales Funnel Training: learn how to set up email campaigns and get the sales funneling in!
4: ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Training: ClickBank is one of the easiest ways to find which products you should be promoting
5: ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing Training: Master the ClickFunnel tool to help you grow your income
6: Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training: learn how to navigate the Amazon affiliate network
7: SEO Google Traffic Training: learn how to flood your business with organic traffic that brings in that money.
8: Free Traffic Training: learn how to bring in traffic for free
9: Paid Traffic Training: Learn how to use Facebook, Google, and solo ads to grow your business
10: Launch Jacking and Web Hosting Blueprint: this module is for the Super Pack Plan only, but it will take you through web hosting and jacking.

The Pros and Cons of Savage Affiliates

The thing we like about Savage Affiliates is that they offer affordable pricing for the amount of content and knowledge you’ll take away from this course.

We also love how this course is suited towards beginners who are just getting their toes wet in affiliate marketing, but there is also valuable information for the pros.

The thing we don’t like about this course is that some of the content is only geared or available to the pros of affiliate marketing, and some things are harder for beginners to understand.

There is so much information in such a small course, that sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Okay, that’s it for Savage affiliate. Now let us look into what a Wealthy affiliate is?

What is Wealthy Affiliates?


One of the most popular, and controversial, affiliate training programs is Wealthy Affiliates.

This course has over 1.4 million users, and the main thing people love about this course is that it comes along with a community of users who stay connected after they take the course.

This course is designed for beginners to pro affiliate marketers looking to refresh their skills.

With this course, you will have the right tools and resources to grow your online business, as well as a coach who will walk you through everything you need and provide you with support throughout your entire journey.

This course was created by Kyle Loudon and Caron Lim.

Their ultimate goal with this course is to help people achieve their goals of making money online using affiliate marketing strategies.

They want you to know that you can live a life of freedom by running an online business.

When you choose this as your form of affiliate marketing training, your membership offers the following things:


  1. Niche selection training
  2. Website builder
  3. Training on how to gain free traffic on your site
  4. How to master paid ads and paid traffic
  5. Access to the proper tools and resources to run your online business
  6. Introduction to affiliate marketing and different programs you can use to earn money online
  7. A coach to guide you through your online business journey
  8. A community of people just like you to pros.

This program is a great option if you are just starting in the world of making money online and it goes through all the basics of setting up your online affiliate marketing business which means giving you the right tools and resources you’ll need daily to run and grow it.

Making money online isn’t as easy as it sounds. There’s a lot of work that goes into it, and this course covers all those basics.


When considering Savage Affiliates vs Wealthy Affiliate pricing can also become a part of the consideration.

Wealthy Affiliate can cost you anywhere between $0 to $49 a month, but you do have the option to pay for the year upfront, which will cost you $359.

A free plan comes with all your basic training.

The premium plan offers all your advanced affiliate marketing training include community access.

The pricing options are great and we love how flexible they are with you.

Most startups don’t have a huge budget, so it’s nice to see that this course kept that in mind when pricing their services.

The Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliates

Ah, the moment you’ve been waiting for. You probably caught on that we called this course controversial.

That’s because some of their tactics and things they use to get people to join their community reflect that of a multi-level marketing business scheme.


This course relies heavily on referrals to gain new customers, and it just gives off the wrong impression and almost seems like an MLM scheme that we don’t love. The course covers all your basics, but something seems off to use.

That could be from the next con of this course – it’s outdated.

All of the training you will go through during this course are all the way back from 2013 – nothing has been updated since, red flag #1.

Google’s algorithm is totally different now, and if they are as good as they claim they are, why wouldn’t they update their training?

Another thing we don’t like about this course is that it is largely text-based learning.

It’s no surprise that people these days prefer video training, so the fact that there is so much reading involved turns us off.

To name some other things we don’t like, we don’t like how their dashboard is confusing to use and understand, and their claims are a little out there in our opinion.


It may seem like we are totally bashing this course, but there is a lot of good things about it.

You get a basic roadmap of affiliate marketing and how to earn money online, and you can sometimes get all that content for free (depending on which plan you choose).

We like that you have access to tools to do your keyword research, and the website hosting is included – that’s a major bonus.

The one thing we absolutely love about this course is the community aspect. You get to connect with thousands of people who are just like you – trying to create an online affiliate marketing business.

You will have constant support and if you ever have a question, you have a large community there to help you!

Savage affiliates vs Wealthy affiliate Which one is better?


We’ve explained each affiliate marketing training course in full detail, and now it’s time to announce our winner. Drum roll please… and the winner is, Savage Affiliates!

When it comes to comparing the two courses and determining which one we would recommend to you, it wasn’t a very close call.

Both courses are great options, but Savage Affiliates just has better perks.

The major thing that made us choose it over Wealthy Affiliates is the simple fact that the training is updated with the current trends.

How can you learn about affiliate marketing in today’s world when the training is 8 years old? We’ll answer that… You can’t!

We feel that Savage Affiliates will give you fresh, updated, and relevant content and knowledge to help you grow your online affiliate marketing business to no end.

When it comes to making money online, there are no limits and with the Savage Affiliates course, you will be bringing in the money in no time!

So which course will you take? or, What is your opinion on Savage affiliates vs Wealthy affiliates, leave me a comment below

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