How to Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Experience

Are you interested in digital marketing? Yet, worrying about “how to start a digital marketing agency with no work experience?”

I’m glad you have made a right move to stopping by to read this article.

The best thing about digital marketing is that you can be creative and use technology to tell stories and help other businesses including yours to build brands.

It is also an exciting career where you can use it to sell your products and services.

Therefore, in this article, I want to share some effective and actionable tips on digital marketing. We will also touch on the benefits of digital and future prospects.

So, without further to do, let us get started.

Defining Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is selling products or services and creating brands through the internet. It is a vast field with many specializations. You can have organic growth by posting content on social media and the internet.

Or, you can even do paid advertisements as well. Digital marketing allows brands and companies to reach a large number of people. It even allows for a two-way conversation.

With the rapid adoption of the internet, digital marketing is booming. That is why digital marketing agencies and expert digital marketers are in demand.

10 Best Tips On Starting a Digital Marketing Career

If you want to know how to start a digital marketing agency with no experience, there are some very effective and actionable steps you can take. We rounded up 10 tips for you if you want to know how to start digital marketing.

1.Don’t Ignore Off Entry Level Jobs

This is a mindset you need to get rid of. If you are just starting on a different career path, it is completely ok to start with entry-level jobs. Besides, no one can start at the top of their career, can they?

If you went to school for marketing, you already have some knowledge. But what you need is some hands-on, real-world experience. So, we suggest not to avoid entry-level jobs at the beginning.

These entry-level jobs can be a great way to learn new things and gather priceless experience.

2. Have a Mentor Before You Start Digital Marketing Business.


You can get a mentor in many ways. If you get an entry-level job, you can approach someone in the firm. A mentor can set you up for success in digital marketing.

They can guide you on the right path and teach the nuances of digital marketing. You can learn digital marketing best practices from them too. So, try to find a mentor. This will be one of the best decisions you will make in your digital marketing career.

3. Focus on Your Personal Brand In Digital Marketing Business

If you think you can be a digital marketer and ignore your own brand, that is a mistake. You need to focus on your online presence as well. If you cannot build your own presence, how can you do the same for an organization?

So, double down on your online presence today. This will give you a better chance of succeeding in the dynamic field of digital marketing. Often candidates are picked for a job because of their strong online presence.

4. Take Online Courses

You can learn digital marketing online. There are many good courses in digital marketing on the internet.

If you come from a non-marketing background, you can take online courses. There is one thing you should keep in mind, though.

It is best to take up courses with certification. This can strengthen your resume, as well. It adds credibility and is just the smarter thing to do.

There are many free resources for digital marketing. While they are great, a certified course is the best way to go. You can try sites like Udemy or SkillShare. Even Google has fantastic resources on Google Digital Garage.

5. Stay Updated

The digital marketing field is dynamic and ever-changing. That is one of the most interesting things about it. This also means you need to stay updated with the latest industry trends. You need to learn new technologies and best practices.

That way you can stay ahead of the curve. Search engines and social media sites regularly change their algorithm. To be an effective digital marketer, you need to stay updated on these at all times.

Keep updated on the latest SEO trends, email marketing trends, etc.

6. Learn the Lingo

When on the field, you will hear marketers use specific terms like CPA, CPC, SEO and more. If you do not know what any of these are, you will find yourself lost. Make a conscious effort to learn the terms and the digital marketing lingo.

A large portion of the terms will be clear to you on the job and as you learn from online courses. Also, as you research more of these things, you will familiarize yourself with the terms. However, you should make an effort to learn the most common and important terms.

7. Learn Analytics Before You Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Work Experience.


One of the beauties of digital marketing is you get access to a lot of data about your customers. You can use these data to analyze patterns and behaviors. It can be used to gain customer insight, as well.

Learn data analytics to give you an edge in digital marketing. This is honestly not optional, but rather a crucial aspect. You can learn Google analytics and also Facebook Ads as well.

Familiarize yourself with all the online marketing tools. Knowing how to interpret data and making business decisions is a valuable skill.

Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to create an impact through data analytics. So, make the most use of it.

8. Become a T-shaped Marketer

A T-shaped marketer is someone who has expertise in a single marketing discipline but has a basic understanding of others. Companies love a T-shaped marketer.

They add a lot of value to the team. A lot of digital marketing disciplines have some crossover. Thus, companies want someone who has basic level knowledge in multiple fields. But in-depth knowledge on a single one.

9. Have a Good Resume

You might be the best digital marketer in the world. But if your resume does not do you justice, it is a lost cause. Create a resume that perfectly highlights what you bring to the table. It should let the employer and the world know what your skills are.

There are different templates you can use. But do not let that limit your creativity. Digital marketing is a creative field. So, do not be afraid to show some of your creative flairs.

10. Network

Networking is important, no matter what field you are in. Make sure to network. It will open up far more opportunities and also helps you become more credible. They can help when you hit a bump in the road.

Also, your network will work as your support network. If you surround yourself with the right people, you can draw ideas and inspirations from them too. Networking is very important.

A bonus tip is to follow your passion. What about digital marketing are you truly passionate about? Let the passion drive you further. The more passionate you are, and the more zeal you have, the easier it is to succeed. Let others see your passion.

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency?

If you want to start a digital marketing agency business, many of the above still apply.

Here are some short tips you can use to start your own digital marketing agency

  • Gather the experience – Get a digital marketing job. Any digital marketing jobs. That will give you crucial hands-on experience in the field. It will also help you network.
  • Create a Good Business Model ­– Set your business model. Make sure to pick the business model that is right for you.
  • Define Who You Want to Work With – You need to decide what kinds of companies and niches you want to work with. This way, you can be focused.
  • Have a Growth Plan – Plan out your growth strategy and how you want to scale.

Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing

With such a high demand skill, there must be a lot of benefits to learning digital marketing. You would be very right to think that. If you need some nudging to start digital marketing, here are some benefits.

1. Gives You a Lot of Career Options

With digital marketing knowledge, you can open a lot of career paths. It is a vast field with a lot of niches and specialities. You can pick the right job for you. The possibilities are endless.

Even top technology companies like Amazon and Google need digital markets.

2. High Salary

A digital marketing career pays well too. Companies are constantly on the lookout for expert marketers for the modern age. If you fit the role, you can command a high salary. This opens the door to financial freedom and stability.

3. It is an In-demand Skill

The internet is here to stay. Digital marketing will be relevant for a long time. Digital marketing is one of the most in-demand skills you can learn right now.

4. It Lets You Be Creative

Digital marketing allows you to express your creativity. It is the perfect mix of technology, business and creativity. You can use your own creativity to sell products and services. Build brands from the ground up by implementing marketing campaigns.

5. Dynamic and Ever-changing Field

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field. That is great for someone who loves to learn new things and has a growth mindset. With digital marketing, you learn new technologies. You learn to tell stories to consumers in different ways.

If you have a thirst for knowledge and always looking to grow, digital marketing is for you.

Best Way to Learn To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Experience

The great thing about learning digital marketing is you do not need to need to go to school all over again. There are many credible online certifications. You can use online courses to learn digital marketing.

Not only can you do it from your home, but this is also great if you want a career change. You can keep your current job and learn digital marketing after work hours.

Another great way to learn digital marketing is to get an internship. Internships can give you real-world experiences in the world of digital marketing. Also, you can even get an entry-level job as a digital marketer.

Frankly, the way you can learn digital marketing is endless. Why not start your own social media page or websites. You can even delve into personal projects. These projects will give you working knowledge of digital marketing.

As you learn to promote your site or projects, those skills can be transferred over as well.

Is There Any Future in Digital Marketing Business?

As we mentioned before, the internet is here to stay. As long as the internet is here, digital marketing business will be a big part of it. It is one of the most in-demand skills right now.

Brands want to outperform their competitors. They will need to hire digital marketers to help promote their brand and sell their products. Besides, digital marketing is a field that is constantly innovating and changing.

New trends appear, and new technologies are being implemented. So, the future of digital marketing looks pretty strong. Whether you are looking for a career switch or want to start an agency, digital marketing is a safe bet. 


Digital marketing is great for someone who wants to make use of their creative side and earn a living. It is a great career option, whether you want to do a job or run a business.

So, How will you start a digital marketing agency with no experience? Leave a comment below.

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