How To Do Affiliate Marketing On YouTube

Making money on YouTube has become pretty easy nowadays. You can pretty much earn quite a handsome amount of money through affiliate marketing on YouTube.

If you’re new to the concept, don’t fret because we’ll get you through the basics at a good pace.

YouTube is a crazy platform right now to get your business featured. You probably just found out that people can make a ton of green with YouTube affiliate marketing.

So you’re probably here to learn how to do it. YouTubers make a lot of money from crowdfunding or those pesky ads that you can’t skip. 

But those aren’t their only sources of income.

 YouTube affiliate marketing carries a significant portion of the revenue they generate. So we’re going to teach you how you do the same!

What Is YouTube Affiliate marketing?

You’re probably new to the phrase, so we’re going to start with the basics. So what you do is make YouTube videos and put in links to promote products.

If people use your links and buy those products, you get a particular portion of the commission from that sale. The business model is pretty similar to a lot of other affiliate marketing gimmicks too.

When it comes to search engines, people use YouTube right after Google and Bing. So a considerable number of people search for things on YouTube.

So if you promote a product and put the links in the description, the product’s sale will help you earn a reasonable sum.

A Form of Passive Income

You probably have to spend most of your time in your job or looking after your business. So if you can’t choose YouTube as your only form of earning, you can rely on the passive income from the product links in your description.

Suppose you’ve developed a significant subscriber base. In that case, more and more people will click on those links, which means a higher percentage of people will tend to buy those products from your links.

But this isn’t a get rich fast scheme at all. You can’t expect to earn a lot of money in a short time. A lot of it depends on the number of people who use your links to buy the products.

As this system solely depends on your viewers’ actions, you can’t call this a fast way to earn money. But if you’ve built a large subscriber base, you can probably make quite a handsome sum from this affiliate marketing.

You need to generate a lot of traffic for this to work seamlessly. So if you think you can do that, go right ahead!

I can only guide you through the steps to get started. But you’re the one who needs to put in the effort to make this work. YouTube affiliate marketing has been going strong for content creators all over the world.

Suppose you can build a significantly large subscriber base. In that case, you can expect a fair amount of revenue from this affiliate marketing program.

How To Use YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

So what happens when you put the links in, but you forget to mention it? The viewers will ignore the description and go search for the product elsewhere.

People usually go for engaging personalities on YouTube. Not everyone watches MKBHD’s tech videos or Tasty’s food videos. Each of these segments has its niches. You need to focus on one thing. You can indirectly indulge in affiliate marketing in multiple ways. But, all the industries have their ways of influencing the people into getting the products.

If you put up makeup tutorials, you can link the makeup products in the description, and you’ll get a cut from their sales. The same goes for tech reviews or car reviews too. You can even review smaller items and link their websites in the description.

Unboxing Videos


Unboxing videos have been on top of YouTube for “what people want to watch?” for quite some time. The more prominent players like Austin Evans, MKBHD, and Unbox Therapy have it going easy for them. But if you’re starting, it can get pretty hectic, and you can’t expect to make a fortune in a couple of weeks.

You can choose to unbox anything from any niche or stick to just one niche. But you have to make sure that you stay consistent throughout.



YouTube has become the ultimate place for product reviews. People who’ve got a stable internet connection will almost always prefer a YouTube video instead of a written article to learn about products they want to purchase.

And if you link the products in the description, and a few viewers end up buying the things from your link, you get to earn money.

People review things as small as pocket knives or as big as cars on YouTube. So if there’s something you can buy, it probably has a review on YouTube.

People tend to check out the reviews a lot when they want to buy something new. The additional info that the YouTubers provide ends up helping them out in the buying process.

So you can use this to your advantage and pop in a shameless plug to check out the description.

Bottom Line

YouTube’s affiliate marketing program isn’t official like Amazon, but that doesn’t stop it from being super profitable. You can earn an insane amount of passive income from YouTube affiliate marketing.

Just make sure you nail the basics and continue to build a more extensive base. If more people subscribe to you, more people will tend to buy things from your link.

So keep the pitch clear and concise, and you can start earning like the rest of the YouTubers in no time!

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